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Online self service

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We will assist you by providing the information that is relevant to you and your situation when your windshield damage needs repair!
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Free windshield check

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Free windshield check

Dansk Bilglas wants to make it easy for you - therefore we offer to conduct a professional inspection of your windscreen.
e want to make sure that you will not get a fine, and you can avoid an additional vehicle inspection if your windscreen has glass damage.
The new vehicle inspection rules means that you can get a fine of 1000,- DKK. Find the nearest branch and stop by.

Ready for Vehicle Inspection?
Save 350 DKK  - avoid an
additional MOT check and a

1000 DKK fine, if your
windscreen does not comply
with the new strict vehicle
inspection rules.

Do you have a chip, crack or
even the slightest scratch?

- Drop by, it is free of charge!

Chip repair or a new windshield?

The online booking system is convenient when you have to assess the damage of he windshield. If you have a chip: First of all, you need to clean the area around the chip, and then cover it with a auto glass patch. If any dirt or dust gets in the chip, it might cause a new windshield. Therefore, you should have a chip reapir within a short amount of - Examine the damage online or at your nearest department!

MOT Rules changed July 1, 2012

If an accident occurs, you need to consider if a stone chip repair is worthwhile, especially if the windshield needs to be replaced due to upcoming vehicle inspection. The rules have become stringent when it comes to stone chips and cracks in the windshield of cars, trucks and vans. Learn more about the rules here.
Examine auto glass damage
Learn about the auto glass regulations

Ownership Warranty

Ownership warranty ensures your windshield, rear window or side window for as long as you own your car!

Do you need a windshield replacement and are you worried about security and quality? When the cars glass is replaced by Dansk Bilglas, you get warranty on the work carried out in all the time you own the car.

Ownership Warranty

Extended Repair Warranty

We offer three months of extended repair warranty. This means that you got three months to evaluate whether you would rather have new windshield. If so, we will deduct the expenses you had when having you chip repaired. The expenses will be decuted when we replace your windshield.

Extended warranty

 Customer testimonials

"I make this comment to tell you how happy I was after visiting your department. Great service!"
Everyone can express: "We provide the best service and price", but we will let you read the customers experience, so you know fore sure  we are dedicated professionals. 

Customer Experience

Original quality in stock

Price, service og quality is just some keywords describing Dansk Bilglas. Your window means a lot when it comes to safety, and we will help you replacing your window within a short amount of time.

10  Quality Criterias

Locations all over the country

We got more than 40 departments all over Denmark. This means that you will always find a department nearby. It is cheapest if you go to our place but we also got mobile service.

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